• Private Anniversary at DI Telegraph

    50 years is a whole epoch: events, people, happenings which shaped our man of the day's lifestyle. The event was hosted by Leonid Parfenov. Preparations for this event took 6 months, through which we accomplished a lot. A whole epoch of the last 50 years in Russia was shown through the lens of the anniversary hero's life. Politics, music, culture and personal life – it all found reflection in the event's script, and, eventually, in the celebration itself. 3D mapping technology, television archive chronicles, special song adaptations reflecting every epoch's spirit performed by contemporary stars, special musical theme composition for the event, unique stage set, Saxon&Parole restaurant catering and much, much more!
    Edurad Khil's songs performed by "Fabrika" band, Zemfira's music as the symbol of the 1990s performed by "City 312", Lyudmila Sokolova with a popular 80's song by Roza Rymbaeva "The Love Has Come", "Lyube" band, Ekaterina Shemyakina together with Dzerzhinsky Division choir performing Viktor Tsoy's hit song "Changes" and many more. A 5-meter birthday cake was accompanied by Lolita's rendition of "Happy Birthday to You!"