During the years in event industry we have gained a unique experience that we are ready to apply.
  • Own quality control system
  • Unique 10-year experience
  • State-of-art innovations usage
  • Planning and client feedback on every project stage
  • Artist booking
  • Modular team, where everyone is an expert at his field
Planning, designing and organization of events. Step-by-step project support from strategy to implementation. ON DUTY offers best world-level practices and innovations, understanding of client's individual requirements.
Any kind of event turnkey
  • Artist, DJ's and Hosts booking
  • Event technical assistance
  • Production: design, printed materials and aesthetical dressing of event
  • Stage set, stagecraft, floristics
  • Creative group – development of ideas, scripts and artistic projects
Any event is a cocktail, where the result depends on every ingredient's quality. ON DUTY works on a one-stop basis, through which you can select any necessary element of technical equipment, marketing or content.
Ingredients of Your Party
  • Exclusive script production
  • Sound design, phonographic and arrangement recording, special ambient sound systems for events
  • Unique video content production
  • 3D mapping
  • Professional event photography and videography
Special events that enable you to convey brand positioning you require comprehensibly and precisely. Explosive ON DUTY product marketing techniques enable both direct effect and deep emotional consumer engagement.
Marketing Communication